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“Solipsismus II”
100 x 70 cm, Öl auf Leinwand
It took me over 43 years to continue the subject of my painting “Solipsism”,which was created in 1974 (when I was 21) Again, this subject is an expression about freedom,when your thoughts have sunk deeply into yourself. You know this feeling to throw down any burden ? And when you are able to be focussed on the essentials of your physicality – without any limits? Enjoy …

Supported by a sound mix from : Siavash Amini , Stabilo-speaker-gain, Jon Olafs & Futurespeaker , Joep Beving , Ben Lukas Boysen and others.

40 x 70 cm , mixed technology ( mainly oil) on Canvas

Pigs are intelligent living beings. So, why shouldn’t they have corresponding daydreams ?

For example about people and her peculiarities ?
And finally, the pig imagined people would lose a very special talent:

The ability to lie !

At this idea, the pig had to laugh …

As regards the sound mix, I was supported for this painting by: Pleq , Antonymes , Lunar Semaphore , Stabile-Speaker-Gain , Siavash Amini , Joep Beving , Eloi Ragot and others.

“Abyss III”
mixed technology, oil on canvas, 50×60 cm

The last picture of the cycle “Abyss” dives still more deeply into the sea of darkness – compared with my other pictures of this topic.

The obsession and fascination on the dark side of life shows different levels of emotions, state of mind, situations and rooms are offering an individual projection surface. So, it’s an invitation to develop your own cinema in your head.There is a lot to discover…

Supported by a sound mix from : Siavash Amini , Stabilo-speaker-gain, Jon Olafs & Futurespeaker , Joep Beving , Ben Lukas Boysen and others.

“Abyss II”
mixed technology,oil on canvas,70×50 cm,build between august – november 2016.The second piece of my series “Underwater World” is now ready after three months work.

The Picture shows a journey to the areas of the subconscious.There the observer experiences a state of suspense and hallucination in a surrealistic room. A kind of “magical mystery tour”.This work personally also meant for me a small time travel back to the seventies (A decade proclaiming: legalize drugs)

The work was musically supported by a sound mix  and the most important artists were Siavash Amini,Deaf Center,Otto A Totland,Androgynous Dark,Octave Minds etc.

mixed technology, oil on canvas , 50x70cm

My new work “Abyss I” is now ready. The topic of this picture is a mental diving into the sea of your soul.

Characters of a never seen world before and unknown rooms expect the observer there. Enjoy your trip…

“Augenblick mal II”
mixed technology,oil on canvas, 40x70cm

 The first picture which I have painted in my new studio of the GEDOK in Lübeck. And it is the second interpretation of the topic “consciousness”

The intensity of a closer look behind the surface of a dead piece of wood makes new experiences possible: Perceptions of a mystical parallel world in which there is much to discover – and a little film is so made in front of the intellectual eye of the recipient.

Supported was the work by a Soundcloud-mix: Black Vines,Sigur Ros, Saffronkeira, Holographic Field,Bersarin Quartett, Pleq, Multicast Dynamics and others.

Oil on canvas,70×100 cm,made between december 2015 – january 2016,

This is the last picture made in my studio in the palace “Plüschow” It is a memory of my personal past of the seventies. A past in which under the influence of hallucinogens new worlds were created.

So “Interstellar Overdrive II” is a head journey in a world of impressions , in which magic mushrooms play a special role.
Inspired by Pink Floyds Title “Interstellar Overdrive” and a sound mix from Black Dog, Craig Armstrong, Katahimikan,Muncroof, Brahms, Otto Totland, Nils P. Molvaer etc.

“Floating Head”
mixed technology,oil on canvas,70x50cm

A film is on in the head which comes in a metamorphosis. His outer form is influenced by it what’s going on in him.

Feelings of pain,loss,mourning takes the observer in parallel worlds.Everything is in a live flow,arisen from the structure of a dead piece of wood.A strange nature and mystical characters, meets and starts a relation to each other.So arises a journey to a world which was never seen before that way …

As soundmix stimulated me: Echo Grid,Tim Hecker,Brahms,Sigur Ros,Deaf Center, S.Greiner,Loscil,Blag Dog and others

70x50cm, mixed technology, oil on canvas

Just imagine that you follow a bear living in a deep and dark forest …

… cinema then comes into being in your head.Dead wood becomes a landscape inspired by feelings of the curiosity,fear and mysticism …symbols of the subconscious get alive. And at the end of this journey,a bear will give you a smile – like a teddy.

The corresponding Soundmix: Suicide sheep,Black Dog,Edvard Grieg,Absinthe House,Nick Warren,Nils P. Molvaer,Brian Eno and others

“Es ist nicht das,wonach es aussieht”
mixed technology,oil on canvas,50x70cm

A November atmosphere in spring:The metamorphosis of characters and her day rooms is the topic for this work.Following the principles of a decalcomania.

the human head,skull,looks – whether man or animal – merge into each other.As a river that takes you to a new level of your subconscious emotions. There is much more to discover when you will take a closer look …

At the beginning of this “film” I heard a sound mix of Michael Price,A winged victory for the sullen, Porya Hatami,def center,Rauelsson,Otto A Totland etc.

“Contemplation II”
Oil on canvas, 70x60cm, year:2015

A daydream which connects two different times of a day transparently

On the one hand the blue hour,on the other hand the bright sunrise of a new day. Sequences of feelings of a great contemplation which express themselves into symbolisms which seem stimulating.Everybody may allow his own daydream …

A mix served as a soundtrack to this of Nils P.Molvaer,Craig Armstrong, Beethoven,Edvard Grieg,Keith Jarret,Rauelsson,Eric K.Scodvin,Otto A Totland and Deaf Center

“Augenblick mal”
mixed technology,oil on canvas, 70x50cm

  “Augenblick mal” is called the moment where one stops,thoughts can become independent and a cryptic world arises.

An intense look,the change from foggy things to  sharpness helps  focusing on things ,which don’t explain themselves at first sight.A sound mix of Deaf Center,Loscil, T.Stroenen, ADSR, Echo Grid, Tim Hecker and others has helped at the journey to this parallel world.

mixed technology,oil on canvas, 50x70cm

The starting point for this november/decembertopic was a dead piece of wood, which can tell you much more than perhaps thinks at first sight …

… it tells about a world of mysticism, mythical creatures and a landscape.Various forms of the life combine with each other and tell her own story so.

Soundmix:Nest,Winged Victory for the sullen, Serein, Tastelike Cake, Deaf Center, Craig Armstrong

“Gullivers Reisen 2.0”
mixed technology, oil on canvas, 100x80cm

The movement of a woman in two phases and the change of scales are the topic of “Gulliver’s Travels 2.0”

The represented situation is a projection surface for the individual associations of the observer. Desire,hurt,mysticism is an abstract room for different interpretations. A soundtrack of Liquid Soul, Nick Warren, Labyrinth, Nils P. Molvaer and others served as a stimulant.

mixed technology,oil on canvas,70x50cm

It isn’t everything Go(l)d what shines …

Sigmund Freud assumes, that in every man also exists a dark side.This acceptance is the reference point for my third picture from the “Plüschow cycle”.Following the principles of decalcomania a parallel world of characters gets alive.The precipices of these protagonist is increased by the use of the golden color iconographically.

This work was influenced also by a sound mix of Echo Grid,massergy,Loscil,Nils Frahm,Nils P. Molvaer Deaf Center and others.

“Little elephants like strawberrries “
70×90 cm,Öl auf Leinwand,

Das zweite Bild aus dem “Plüschow-Zyklus 2014” folgt der Stimmung “Aus der Dunkelheit dem Licht entgegen”.

Unterschiedliche Individualsymbole verdichten sich zu einer Reise mit zahlreichen Stationen. Assoziationen von Bedrohung, Schmerz, Mystik stehen im Gegensatz zu spielerischen Elementen. Am Ende einer magical mysterie tour mag jeder für sich entscheiden, welche Rolle eine Erdbeere spielen kann …

80×60 cm,Öl auf Leinwand,

Erwartung, Hingabe, Vertrauen, persönliche Kontemplation, Durchdringung und bei allem ein Gefühl von Freiheit.

Mit diesen Begriffen lassen sich am ehesten die Stationen einer “Kino-im-Kopfreise” beschreiben,dass das erste Bild aus dem Atelier in Plüschow 2014 beinhaltet.

“In between words”
60 x 80 cm ,Öl auf Leinwand,

Eine Entdeckungsreise, die mit Worten schwerlich zu beschreiben ist

Organische Formen und Hinweise menschlicher Beziehungen in einer abstrakten Räumlichkeit sind das Leitmotiv für das dritte Bild aus dem “Plüschow-Zyklus”. Eine Entdeckungsreise, die mit Worten schwerlich zu beschreiben ist… als Musik half hierbei ein Mix von Nick Warren ,Murcof, Swarte Greiner, B.T. und Nils Frahm.

Decalcomania, 2013, 50 x 70 cm

50 x 70 cm ,Mischtechnik,

Aus der Grundstruktur eines Stück Holzes abgeleitet.

Aus der Grundstruktur eines Stück Holzes abgeleitet,verdichten sich assoziative Dinge zu einem Fluß von Eindrücken.Abgründiges wie auch Absurdes gehen aufeinander ein und schaffen eine Welt,die sich nicht gerade dekorativ darstellt,sondern auch mit Ängsten umgeht.

“XXXtinische Madonna mit Kind”
70 x 100 cm ,Oil on Canvas,

Der kunsthistorische Topos der “Sixtinischen Madonna mit Kind” ist der Bezugspunkt des zweiten Bildes, das während meines Aufenthaltes auf Schloß Plüschow entstand.

Anders als bei gängigen Interpretationen dieses Themas, wird hier Sexualität nicht ausgeklammert.Der ehemals kirchliche Kontext mit seiner Moral erfährt eine Körperlichkeit,wie ich sie sehe.

XXXtinische Madonna mit Kind, 70x100 cm , 2013

Gute Nacht, 70x50cm, 2013

“Gute Nacht”
70 x 50 cm ,Mischtechnik,

Dieses Bild ist das erste aus einer Reihe von  Arbeiten,die während meines Atelieraufenthaltes auf Schloß Plüschow entstanden sind.

Es sind unzählige Individualsymbole verdichtet zu einem Fluß von Eindrücken,die sich thematisch auf Traumsequenzen beziehen. Ein spezieller Mix von dem isländischen Musiker Olafur Arnalds,Nils Frahm ,Loscil und anderen diente mir hierzu als soundtrack.

“Follow up Piano Works”
50 x 40 cm ,2013

“Piano Works from Craig Armstrong” hat jetzt eine Fortsetzung gefunden und ist als Teil 2 zu sehen

Es wird auch noch einen finalen Teil 3 geben – ich hoffe sogar demnächst.Dann wäre die Trilogie zu diesem Thema abgeschlossen.

Follow up piano works, 2013, 50x40 cm

2in1, 70cmx80cm,OIl on Canvas, März-Mai 2013

“2 in 1”
70 x 80 cm ,Oil on Canvas,

“2in1” heißt das neue Bild und handelt von der Ambivalenz/Schizophrenie der Dinge.

Die Vielschichtigkeit der Momente und Perspektiven geben immer wieder neue Blickwinkel frei,aus dem sich vorher Ungesehenes ergibt.Als Musik lief überwiegend “Deaf Center”

“Odyssee Splinter Teil 1&2”
50 x 110 cm ,Oil on Canvas,

Die Fertigstellung von Teil 1 & 2 benötigte über 6 Wochen.

Verschiedene Lebensabschnitte und Ereignisse reflektieren eine Odyssee, die in erster Linie von einem Soundtrack von “Deaf Center” beeinflusst wurde.

Odyssee Splinter Teil 1 & 2, 2011, 50x110 cm