Helmut Böning

born in 1953 I studied after high school arts – first at the “HFBK Hamburg” ( Prof. Paul Wunderlich) and finally in Munich (Prof. Friedrich Piel) During the studies my main emphases were surrealism,dadaismus,psychology and semeiotics.Particularly Marcel Duchamps and his “ready mades” led me to mine maggot bachelor work “the mutual relation of art and advertising” For this I got an award and first offers from advertising agencies, starting with a career in the advertising business.So, a period as a wanderer between these two different worlds started for the next 23 years.

I worked for international agencies as Young& Rubicam, Ogilvy&Mather,GGK, Lintas – (just to name a few) in Munich,Hamburg, Düsseldorf, New York, Paris and got many awards, medals.In 1994 I founded my own agency”Böning&Haube”, we were the “Newcomer agency of the year,germany” elected in 1996 and for the following years, advertising was more and more in my focus , until I seriously got ill. After several ear deceases I had to find my individual reset button.

This was the radical turn around back for my paintings. A parallelworld employs me from this time searching for a translation of nightmares,hope, dreams, freedom, symbols of mythical creatures and psychological adventures on canvas. Mainly oil on canvas.
It fascinates me to discover the world of the subconscious one and to translate her into the consciousness. So, I simply describe my paintings as ” cinema in your head” … nothing is impossible, everything is allowed, do not think about what others could think,just start your own trip … and enjoy it.

Nearly all of my works are done using the classical technology “oil on canvas” .Sometimes I am using the so called “mixed technology” (Airbrush, digital artwork transfer in combination with oil on canvas) Before I start painting,I always create my own playlists on “soundcloud” – as a kind of soundtrack stimulating me during the whole process of my work.